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Preventing Pit Bull Attacks: Local Boards Pushing Bans in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss.–Owning a pit bull may be getting a bit more difficult in some parts of Mississippi. Your state may not be ready to ban the breed, but local boards are becoming more willing to do it after a series of high-profile attacks on children.

The county board of supervisors in Carroll County is considering an ordinance that would ban them in their jurisdiction, reported local media there. The supes were expected to meet Monday and have asked their attorney to help come up with an ordinance that would stick.

One problem the county is facing is that other counties and cities around them have the ordinances, so owners who have to get rid of them are dropping them off there.

Holmes County Sheriff Willie March has called for a county-wide ban of the dogs there. He said one of the big problems he sees is that people keep the dogs in the woods for fighting and sometimes they get loose and roam.

The pit bull breed is particularly strong and has jaws that can lock on to a victim. Some believe this makes them extremely dangerous, and in the past few months there have been several attacks that have left Mississippi children dead or disfigured.

That often leaves the dogs impounded or euthanized.

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