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Pecan pie is a Mississippi Thanksgiving must

JACKSON, Miss– Drying out the turkey is forgivable. Not having pecan pie at a Mississippi Thanksgiving feast will not be forgotten. So News Mississippi went to a chef’s kitchen to get the best pecan pie tips. 

Everyone has a recipe for pecan pie in Mississippi. Mama’s recipe, Aunt Linda’s recipe, or even one off a foodie website. Either recipe you choose, pecan pie has to be at the Thanksgiving spread.

It’s a simple task to start, but there are shortcuts to the great pecan pie.

“Make the crust the day before,” said Virginia Carter, chef at Pearl’s Southern Kitchen, but if you’re not about the hassle of a homemade crust, frozen is fine.

“You can use any crust,” said Carter.

From there is the filling. Cairo syrup, loads of butter, sugar, eggs and maybe even a few finely chopped pecans. But when it comes to Cairo syrup, everyone has a preference.

“Some like to use all dark or all light,” said Carter, “I use half of each. Gives it a good, pretty color.”

Next up, the pecans. Can’t have the pie without it. There’s ways to enhance the pie star’s performance.

“Let them toast a little in the oven first,” said Carter. Toasting brings out a good color and a nuttier flavor.

Then throw that pie in the oven for an hour, and let the magic happen. What you’ve got when it comes out it pure pecan bliss. It can be topped with whipped cream, ice cream, or nothing at all. Either way, that pecan staple is sure to make you thankful for all that is purely Mississippi.

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