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The Quest to Find a PS4 in Mississippi: These Guys Set Out to Make Good on a Guarantee

JACKSON, Miss.–Finding a PS4 in Mississippi is obviously just as difficult as finding one anywhere. Odds are, if you went out Thanksgiving night or early Friday, you did not come away with the game system you went looking for.

News Mississippi caught up with a group who left their turkey and dressing in Yazoo County and went right to Wal-Mart in the Jackson metro to make good on a promise they say the store made in an ad.

“They claimed they had guaranteed PS4s ’til 8 (p.m.) and they had 11,” said Bryan. “So they lied, false advertisement, they should be sued,” he said jokingly. “Coming after you, Sam Walton.”

“People were parked on top of landings,” he said.

The group said the parking lot was completely full and the inside of the store was a mad house.

“Exactly a madhouse. Everybody had a TV,” said Alex.

“There was probably $150,000 in illegal towing fees.”

“PS4 is winning the battle and Wal-Mart is losing,” said Bryan.

PS4s were in short supply after the initial shipment sold out quickly. Stores like Toys R’ Us were promising customers that a second shipment would be available on Thanksgiving night.

The game system was typically selling for $399, but some Mississippi gamers were finding the consoles online for $699 or $899.

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