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Rain On The Way: But Enjoy Spring Again Thursday

We’ll likely see some rain this weekend, but until then, we’ll be awash in sunshine throughout most of Mississippi.

Let’s start in the northern part of the state. We’re aiming for highs of 63 today with lots of that aforementioned sunshine. Dipping down to around 45 overnight with clear skies, leading to a sunny Friday to kick off your weekend. Saturday harbors a 20 percent chance of rain, with a 40 percent chance on Sunday.
Checking Central Mississippi, another sunny day with a familiar high of 69, followed by a clear overnight low of 47. Tomorrow is going to be absolutely gorgeous, while it will be a tad windy.
High temperature of 76 degrees with winds gusting up to 20 MPH. Partly cloudy Friday night, remaining cloudy on Saturday.
South Mississippi, how about some sunshine? Lots of sunshine along with a high near 68 today. Tonight, well  cool down to about 45 under clear skies. Tomorrow, a sunny high of 73, with mostly sunny to partly sunny conditions on Saturday and Sunday.

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