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Rep. Snowden charged for refusal after crash

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Speaker Pro Tempore Greg Snowden was involved in a car crash in Meridian this afternoon. 

The representative was headed home from an event at Hal and Mal’s in Jackson when he rear-ended a car on HWY 39 near Windmill Drive around 2:30 p.m. Following the crash, officers asked Snowden to take a DUI test. He refused the test, but he has maintained that he was not driving under the influence. 

As for the cause of the crash, Snowden said that it was a case of distracted driving. 

“It was my fault,” he admitted. “Frankly, I was reading the tweets on the Kavanaugh hearing, which I should not have been doing. That’s irresponsible driving, I should not have been doing that.”

Police arrived at the scene of the crash, and Snowden was taken to the police station after a field sobriety test, but he refused the DUI test. 

“When the police got there, they had me walk around,” he recalled. “I can’t walk straight. I’ve had knee surgeries and just can’t walk in a straight line. They brought me downtown, and I did refuse the DUI test. I did that because every lawyer I talked to says ‘do not take that test’. Maybe I should have, but I didn’t.”

There were reported injuries from the accident. 

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