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Ricin Case Headed to Grand Jury

OXFORD, Miss. – A federal judge says there is enough evidence against James Everett Dutschke to hold him without bond. Dutschke is accused of mailing ricin-laced letters to President Barak Obama, Senator Roger Wicker, and Judge Sadie Holland.  The case is now on its way to a grand jury.

Thursday the FBI told the court that initial forensics tests linked the letters to a printer owned by Dutschke. A gas mask with traces of ricin and Dutschke’s DNA was also found. They also said Dutschke had downloaded publications about ricin and that he purchased castor beans on ebay, which are used in making the deadly poison.

The FBI also received a warrant Thursday to search a third location where they believe Dutschke may have stored other possessions.

Dutschke denies the charges against him. He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

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