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Scam Alert; This Time Targeting Grandparents

LAUREL, Miss.- Scam artists are coming up with new ways every day to take your money. The newest con News Mississippi has been informed of is another phone scam, this time targeting grandparents in Laurel. 

Two people have already fallen for the scam and have lost a significant amount of money. The way the scam works is the grandparent receives a call from someone in a low voice asking them to guess who it is hoping they will say the name of one of their grandchildren. Once they establish the identity they tell the person they are in jail and need a large amount of money. The scammer asks them to buy a green-dot loadable credit card. If the grandparent gets the card they get a call back and are asked to give the code on the back of the card and then the scammer withdraws all the money on the card.

Laurel Police say that if anyone should get a call from someone asking for money they should just hang up. Police said once the money is gone, there’s really nothing they can do about it since most of the time the calls come from overseas.

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