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Senator McDaniel Travels State to Promote Political Action Committee

JACKSON, Miss. – State Senator Chris McDaniel is touring Mississippi this week promoting his newly created political action committee (PAC) called the United Conservative Fund. McDaniel says his goal is not to just put conservatives into office, but to defeat liberalism at every turn at a state and national level.

“We want to organize these conservative groups that make up the movement, that is: libertarians, social conservatives, physical conservatives, tea party groups, and conservative coalitions. We need to make sure they are messaging on the same page,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel says the PAC will hold conservatives candidates to the three basic principles of conservatism that united all factions of the conservative movement:

  • Belief that decentralizing the federal government is necessary to protect civil liberties
  • Belief that the federal government does not need to have its powers specifically delegated to it and that those powers belong to the state and to the people
  • Belief that people should be held to a high moral tone

McDaniel claims the Conservative Coalition Fund will make sure people have a voice in their government, since he does not believe that current leaders are hearing the voice of the people.

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