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Senators discuss Mississippi’s progress

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Yesterday Senator Roger Wicker, Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and South Dakota Senator John Thune had a meeting to discuss progress happening in Mississippi.

The first topic they covered was tax cuts, after major tax cuts were made earlier this year, and the affect it has made on Mississippi.

Senator Thune said he wants to see companies pumping it back in, expanding and growing their businesses, creating those good paying jobs and raising wages, so he thinks it will take some time before we see the full effect of it.

“I just cannot say enough about the tax cuts,” said Senator Hyde-Smith. “From the corporate tax going from 35% to 21%, I’ve talked to business owners in Mississippi who have actually given raises so I do think it’s helping a lot of families here.”

When Senator Wicker was asked about his opinion of concealed carry across state lines, he said he certainly supports it.

“I am certainly for reciprocity across state lines,” said Senator Wicker. “I think if a Mississippian complies with state law in Mississippi, that ought to be honored nationwide and I support that kind of legislation.”

They also discussed agriculture in Mississippi since it hits close to home. Senator Wicker referred to the three of them as “aggies”.

He said that 5% of the world’s population lives in the United States, so we like to make things and grow things and sell them to 95% of the world that doesn’t live here, and this is particularly true in agriculture.

“I can tell you that our farmers in Mississippi understand that we sell more agricultural product to those countries that we have trade agreements with. We sell twice as much to the ones that we have agreements with as to the ones we don’t,” said Senator Wicker. “So I come from that standpoint in listening to the farmers and agribusiness people in Mississippi.”

Senator Thune added that he wants to continue to open markets. He thinks the best way to improve the economic outlook for our agricultural producers in this country is to expand and open up new markets, so he is for more markets, not fewer.

The whole discussion can be viewed here:

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