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Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Mississippi Near the Top of the List in New Report

ATLANTA, Ga.–It’s a new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, that says Mississippi is number two in the nation for people having sexually transmitted diseases. Mississippi has traditionally been near the top of the list, but this report puts the state behind only Louisiana and slightly ahead of Georgia.

Your state is number one in chlamydia cases. It’s a disease that can cause permanent damage to the pelvic area if not treated properly. A burning sensation during urination and an abdominal discharge are the main signs.

Your state is also number one in gonorrhea, which has similar symptoms. Both sometimes show no signs and that can mean they could go untreated for a long time.

Your state is also number 11 for syphilis, which exists in a series of distinct stages and can be treated at any stage, but damage is permanent. The late stage of syphilis can take 10 to 30 years of latency to develop, but symptoms include paralysis, dementia, and blindness. The first sign of syphilis is a single painless sore on the genitals lasting 3 to 6 weeks, after which more sores and a rash appear on one or more parts of the body.

The new study also estimates that these diseases are costing you a lot of money. The CDC says nation-wide the cost is $16 billion annually.

STD cases are also on the rise. Young people between 15 and 24 represent half of all new STD cases.

The best way to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence, but condom use is another reliable means to stop the spread.

Here are the stats by state:

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