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This Too Shall Pass: A Warm Up On the Way for Mississippi

TUPELO, Miss.–It was a very cold start to your Wednesday in north Mississippi, with a 9 degree reading in Tupelo, 12 degrees in Southaven and 13 in Greenville. Along and south of I-20 there were still road and school closures and plenty of ice and snow left to deal with. But, a warm up was already in the works.

Wednesday it was expected to reach the mid to upper 30s in the lower two thirds of the state, with warmer temps coming Thursday. This was expected to give some of the ice and snow and chance to melt.

By Friday tempos were expected to be solidly in the 50s, with the probability of upper 60s for many places, including north Mississippi for Saturday.

You might have to deal with some rain along with it, but it will be a completely different environment by the weekend.

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