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Sherman takes business-like approach to election

Photo courtesy of Sherman for Senate.

Howard Sherman will be on the Democrat ballot in the primary election coming up on Tuesday, June 5th. Sherman is the husband of actress Sela Ward and said that with his knowledge in the business industry, he hopes to bring businesses into the state and grow Mississippi’s telemedicine field.

Sherman said it was during a conversation with Congressman Bennie Thompson when he was talking about telemedicine and medical tourism that he realized the need for immediate jobs in the state and not just ones that would take years to create.

“This is the difference between me and other people in the race,” Sherman said. “If you ask the other people in the race ‘how do you create jobs now?’ they will talk about, well we’ll pass legislation and that is going to take many years before you get the waterfall effect of doing that. I said to him I didn’t come in here planning to solve the delta job problem, but it seems to me that we produce gazillions of tons of food that then go elsewhere in the process, so if you take a bushel of corn that might be $3.00 it turns into $30.00 worth of popcorn, so we need to do the added value manufacturing here and process it here…” 

In addition, Sherman said that telemedicine and medical tourism are ways that can not only bring in people from out of the state for various medical procedures, but it would boost local economies with people staying in hotels and eating at restaurants.

“You would have people coming from Arkansas and Tennessee and Louisiana to Meridian for this instead of going to Tijuana,” Sherman said. “I mean, I’d rather go to Meridian than Tijuana any day.” 

Sherman stressed creative solutions saying that during his time in the private sector he never had the luxury of having an appropriations tree.

“I am running against career politicians and yet Trump ran on, “let’s get rid of the career politicians,” Sherman said. “It’s such a bi-party message and that’s why I’m excited to get into November because it is going to be really interesting to be running against a career politician in a party that wants to get rid of career politicians.”

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