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Sign Up to Save Lives: Forrest County Needs Volunteer Firefighters

FORREST COUNTY, Miss–  Forrest County Fire Coordinator Chip Brown says they need volunteer firefighters for the daytime shifts. 

During the day, response times to fires and emergencies are taking over twenty minutes in some places.

“In some places we’re having to rely on the city departments,” says Brown.

There are over 230 volunteers on the roster, but not all are active, and most work during the day.

“When a call does go out during the day, the responder may have to leave work, then go get the truck, then go to the scene,” says Brown.

Brown adds that in a fire or accident involving removing someone from the vehicle, 20 minutes is detrimental.

If someone is over 18 years old, they can sign up to be a volunteer firefighter. There is an 80 hour training course, held mostly at night and weekends so everyone can make it.

“Not everyone that joins has to want to run into a burning building,” says  Brown, “there’s plenty to be done.”

For more information on how to become a volunteer firefighter for Forrest County, contact Chip Brown at 601-544-5911.

Here’s the whole interview with Brown:

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