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Snakes on the Move in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss.–The frequency of tweets and Facebook posts related to Mississippi snake encounters has trended up this week.

Snakes have been out for several months in the state, no doubt, but Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks Assistant Director Chad Dacus tells News Mississippi why there might have been an up-trend in sightings lately.

“With a lot of the rain we’ve had, and it’s starting to dry up a little bit, people are starting to see more snakes,” he said.

Dacus said there are a few things one can try to do to keep the slithery serpents away from a home.

“If you’ve got stacks of fire wood, stuff like that, keep that away from your house,” he said. “Any type of brush or trash, make sure it’s all away from your house.”

The two most common venomous snakes in Mississippi are the water moccasin and the copperhead and it’s usually a familiar scene when people get bit said Dacus.

“When people start to mess with them, that’s when people tend to get bit.”

Put simply and obvious; don’t approach them if possible.


Full Interview Below:

Click Here for Full Snake Interview


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