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Soybean Farming a Little Behind, but Still Looking Good

JACKSON, Miss.- Soybeans are grown all across Mississippi, from the North to the South, they’re number one in acres of crops in the state. The weather has set the soybean farmers back a little but, but nothing too severe.

Greg Ferguson is a technical agronomist for Monsanto Agriculture.

“The rain has got us set back a little bit on our crops this year,” Ferguson said. “Overall, we planted a little bit later, but we’ve been pretty fortunate. The weather’s been very mild. Although we’ve had quite a bit of rain, we haven’t really had any hot temperatures.”

He said the crops that have been planted look pretty good.

“A lot of the soybeans are blooming into some of their early reproductive stages. Especially some of the earlier-planted ones. But then again, we still have a number of acres of first-crop beans yet to be planted. We also have got a number of acres behind wheat that have yet to be planted, because wheat hasn’t been harvested yet.”

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