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Starkville man faces attempted kidnapping charges

John Arnold. Photo courtesy of Starkville PD
Within the last two weeks, 45-year-old John Arnold Jr. of Starkville has had numerous charges stacked up against him for attempted kidnapping and removing a tracking anklet which resulted in a manhunt. He was then held at the Oktibbeha County jail when he attempted another escape. Arnold is currently being held on a $30 million bond.
Photo courtesy of the Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Department.
 Lieutenant Brett Watson with the Oktibbeha County Sheriff’s Department said that Arnold was charged by the Oktibbeha County Sheriff”s Department with a single count of Attempted Escape and Simple Assault on a Detention Officer. Arnold was with other inmates in the exercise yard of the Oktibbeha County Jail when he attacked a Detention Officer from behind.  He attempted to take the detention officer’s keys and force him to take him outside of the secure area of the jail.  The officer was able to subdue Arnold after a brief struggle.
Arnold was then placed in single confinement in the jail.  During a periodic check of the prisoners well being, detention officers discovered that Arnold was attempting to remove the air conditioning grate within the ceiling of his cell, presumably to access the ducts above. Lt. Watson said that at no time during either incident was Arnold able to get outside of the secure inner detention level of the Jail.
Arnold was transferred to the High-Risk Inmate section of the Lowndes County Jail for long-term housing.

Feb. 27th – A Starkville man is facing multiple charges of attempted kidnapping.

45-year-old John B. Arnold was arrested back on February 16th for the first charge and his bond was initially revoked. After bond was reinstated, Arnold was being electronically monitored, and according to the Starkville PD, the monitor was forcibly removed and a manhunt ensued.

Before he was captured, the department issued a statement that he should be considered “armed and dangerous.” Following his capture, Arnold was placed back into the Oktibbeha County Jail and his bond was revoked once again.

After his arrest, Arnold was hit with his second attempted kidnapping charge, and his bond was set at $10,000,000. The new charge stemmed from an incident that occurred on February 23rd, which was the day that Arnold was arrested. The first charge currently has no bond.

The charges reportedly come as a result of Arnold attempting to pick up a child from school without the parent’s permission.

Arnold’s next court appearance is set for March 21.

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