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State Trooper Accused of Rape

PIKE COUNTY, Miss. — A state trooper is accused of raping a woman during a traffic stop in Pike County. 

The names of the trooper and the alleged victim have not been released, and the Mississippi Department of Public Safety confirms there’s an internal investigation underway. 

The woman said the assault happened April 5 after her brother called and said he had been pulled over by a trooper near Summit.  After arriving on the scene to check on him, she said she was arrested for DUI and put in the back of a cruiser.  Once her brother and another trooper left, the woman contends she was then taken to another location where she alleges the trooper sexually assaulted her inside the car and then left her on the side of the road.

After contacting a family member for a ride, the woman was treated at a nearby hospital.  The results of her rape kit test have not been released, and so far, no one has been arrested. 

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