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Suggestions for Dealing with Holiday Stress and Depression

JACKSON, Miss. – It’s the most wonderful time for some people, but for others it can be emotional or stressful. Billy Myers, who is a therapist with the University Counseling Center at Ole Miss, says it is important for people to have expectations for the holidays that are reasonable.

“People can fall into the trap of setting unrealistic expectations for this time of the year, that it needs to perfect, or it needs to be just like it used to be,” said Myers. “Being realistic about what you can and can’t do is really important.”

Myers says if someone is feeling depress or disconnected, it’s important that individuals make sure they take care of themselves, and to make sure they spend time with people that care about them. If they don’t have social support during the holidays, he suggest volunteering within the community to stay connected with other people.

He says if people get to the point where they do experience more clinical depression, like having uncontrollable crying spells, difficulty in concentrating, not being interested in things they used to be interested in, or having suicidal thoughts, then seeking professional help is always warranted.

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