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Suing The President: South Miss. Congressman Readies His Case, Blasts Obama Policies

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Suing the president of the United States-It sounds like a big move, and it is. Your Congressman from south Mississippi, Steven Palazzo, believes Pres. Obama has put the country on the wrong path with over regulation and bypassing the checks and balances system, so he’s signed on to bring a lawsuit if it doesn’t stop.

Palazzo announced last week that he was signing on to the STOP Resolution, which is a measure in the U.S. House that is a precursor to the suit. The resolution has been signed by 119 Republicans.

This week Palazzo said the resolution is making progress.

“It’s actually grown some legs,” he said in an interview from D.C. “Speaker (John) Boehner, just this past week said that he’s gonna allow the resolution to come to a vote on the House floor so we can move forward with lawsuits in the coming days.”

And just why the suits and the resolution?

“We want to hold this out-of-control administration accountable for all of his over reach and over regulation. He’s trying to bypass Congress.”

What Palazzo is referring to are comments and actions from the President where he has said he will use executive orders where Congress has not passed initiatives on immigration reform, raising the minimum wage and other issues.

Palazzo said the Democrat-controlled Senate will not act to stop the executive orders, so believes it up to the House.

“Harry Reid’s not gonna do anything to hold this president accountable.”

One issue that Palazzo was particularly steamed about was immigration and the situation involving an influx of minors from Mexico on the south Texas border.

“We know the southern border’s a problem. It’s been a problem for decades,” he said. “This latest flight of minors crossing the border, it’s Pres. Obama’s fault.”

He said he believes the president’s lax stand on immigration is to blame.

“He doesn’t want to take any responsibility for any of his failed policies, whether it’s Obama Care, the border, whether it’s one of the numerous scandals. From my experiences, the buck has to stop somewhere eventually. He is the president and he needs to be held accountable.”

Palazzo said there is a Homeland Security hearing coming on the border situation.


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