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Sumner Hill Junior High School annual Reality Fair

CLINTON, Miss.- In February 9th graders at Sumner Hill Junior High will get their first dose of adulthood at the school Reality Fair.

Prior to the fair students will be given a budget and a check book. They’ll learn how to write a check and balance a check ledger. Their salary will be based on their current GPA. Students with a higher GPA will receive a larger salary and vice versa.

The students will be given the opportunity to then make purchases based on the local businesses and volunteers that have booths set up at the fair. They will purchase things like homes, health insurance, cell phones, vehicles, and even smaller items like groceries. If they choose to they can get luxury items as well.

The intent of the event is to help students understand what life is really like after high school and the direct correlation between your academic achievement and your potential business situation.

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