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Sunny and Warm Today: Don’t Get Used to It

JACKSON, MISS– It will be warm and sunny across the state today as temps dance around the 80’s.

In North Mississippi, highs in the upper 70’s and clear. Overnight those clouds will start to creep back in, as lows drop into the mid 50’s.

Highs will push the 80’s in central Mississippi and those clouds will roll in overnight with lows dropping into the 50’s.

In South Mississippi highs in the 80’s, staying clear and bright until the evening with clouds starting to thicken up as lows dip into the low 50’s.

Tuesday you’ll start to see clouds again and maybe rain in the evening, but the highs will still be consistent.

North Mississippi, Tuesday is cloudy with highs pushing 80, Overnight rain will start to filter in, with lows near 60.

Clouds roll over Central Mississippi as well Tuesday, highs near 80, thunderstorms kicking up overnight as lows drop into the 60’s.

South Mississippi gets another day of sunshine but those clouds roll in Tuesday night with lows dropping into the upper 70’s.

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