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Tailgating safety tips as football begins

The Grove at Ole Miss. Photo courtesy of Telesouth Communications.

College football is back, and that means tailgating season has arrived.

The American Medical Response Service reminds you that there are several key safety tips to remember when you’re getting ready for kick off this weekend.

  • Drinking responsibly is always one of the most important tips to remember, and it’s vital that you have a sober designated driver if you choose to drink.

“Too many tailgate parties involve excessive alcohol, too often with tragic results,” Jim Pollard with AMR said.  “Unfortunately, some fans start partying with alcohol on the way to the game or even before heading out.”

He also stated that walking while under the influence can be dangerous, especially on stadium stairs and in large crowds.

  • With food as a vital part of any tailgate, AMR reminds you to keep hot food hot, cold food cold. Also, food taken out of a refrigerator shouldn’t sit out for more than a few hours.
  • Putting a tray filled with ice under containers of cold food and warming trays for hot food will also reduce the chances of food poisoning.
  • Also in the early going of the season as temperatures remain high, make sure your drinking enough water throughout the day.
  • When it comes to getting to the game, Pollard says that it’s better to get an early start rather than speeding to make up time.

“Get an early start to get to your tailgate party and the game,” Pollard said.  “Speeding to the party and the game can lead to tragedy with lifelong consequences.”

In case of an emergency, AMR ambulance crews stand by at hundreds of football games every week.

“Whatever the illness or injury at a game, remember that your local medics are just a phone call away at 9-1-1,” Pollard said.

AMR and MedStat EMS provide 911 ambulance service in 17 Mississippi counties.  The Mississippi Department of Health has reported AMR companies transport more ambulance patients than any other services in the state.

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