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The Bacon Brothers on Good Things!

If you’re unfamiliar with Michael Bacon or his band “The Bacon Brothers”, you might not be that unusual, but if you haven’t heard of the other half of the brother/band team, Kevin Bacon, you must’ve been living under a rock for the last 30 years. Michael and Kevin Bacon front the Bacon Brothers and have been touring the U.S. since the mid 90’s, but you’ve likely heard their names for reasons other than their time spent on the road. Michael Bacon, the older brother, is an award winning composer and has penned pieces of music that pop up everywhere the longer you look. Kevin Bacon is more widely known for his time on the silver screen. From feel good classics like Animal House and Footloose, to dramatic turns in A Few Good Men and Sleepers, and even some wacky fun like R.I.P.D. and X-Men: First Class, Kevin Bacon has had such a prolific career in films that he has a game named after him.

The two Bacons were very open about their upbringing in Philadelphia and how their parents pushed everyone in the family to be creative. We learned that although Kevin enjoyed a stint with a jazz band in his youth, he didn’t pick up Guitar until later, and it was his older brother Michael that taught him how to play it. In fact, Kevin admitted that his first musical instrument was the Conga drum, and that even though he had a drum set, he still enjoyed playing with his hands. Michael told the story about how their song “Only a Good Woman” was once their go-to song whenever they could feel a set going bad on stage. He talked about how they could completely turn around the mood in the crowd by just starting “Only a Good Woman”, but he did note that their ever growing catalog of music keeps them from having to use it to fix a set very often anymore. Kevin seemed genuinely touched when Rebecca relayed a story from a listener that tied into the inspiration for the song” Ten Years in Mexico” from their album “Getting There”, and they both seemed excited about the Mississippi Food they can get while their in town. The Bacon Brothers will be performing at Duling Hall on Duling Ave in Jackson on Monday June 12th.  

The Bacon Brothers covered all that and much more during their time with Rebecca Turner on Good Things, and you can check it all out below!

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