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The JT Show Web Exclusive

The JT Show 2019 NASCAR Fantasy is LIVE!

If you want to play NASCAR fantasy with JT and Ryno, all you have to do is follow the instructions below, and you can join in on the fun!

First – if you don’t already have a NASCAR account, you’ll need to create one or sign in with your Facebook/Twitter account.

Then -The easiest way to join the group is to Create your Team/Entry by clicking here and then when you’ve created your team, click on Browse/Search All Teams and search for “JT Show NASCAR Fantasy

NOTE: You may need to leave the league from last season, if you’d like to keep your team name. Once you leave the 2018 league, you can join the new league for 2019. You can leave last season’s league by clicking “Edit” on your entry and at the bottom, click the red button “LEAVE LEAGUE”. 


OR – Click Here to find the JT Show NASCAR Fantasy group 

Finally – Have Fun!


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