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The Special Session for Medicaid: What May Happen and What It Will Cost You

JACKSON, Miss.–All indications are now that the special legislative session that was called for Thursday to deal with Medicaid funding will end with a reauthorization of the current program, without expansion.

“I have talked with Gov. Bryant and Speaker Gunn, and we have agreed the House will take up Medicaid reauthorization first,” said Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves in a statement to News Mississippi. “I support extending the agency for one year to study ways to reform the program, improve care and find efficiencies to save money.”

House Democrats have stated they want to see the program expanded under the provisions of ObamaCare, which allows expansion, but cannot require it after last year’s Supreme Court ruling on the matter.

“Earlier this year, the Senate reauthorized and funded Medicaid without expansion in a bipartisan vote. Unfortunately, the bill died in the House. I stand ready to pass similar bills in the special session, just like we did with the economic incentives in the Yokohama special session,” said Reeves.

Gov. Bryant issued a proclamation calling for the session Monday afternoon, after two months of suspense for the nearly 700,000 Mississippians who are receiving Medicaid benefits in one form or another.

The special session will cost taxpayers about $30,000 per day and could potentially last into Sunday.

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