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There’s an app for that: where can I carry my gun?

JACKSON, Miss.–The quandary of where and into what store one is able to carry his or her gun is looking to be solved by an app.

The Gun Free Zone app is a crowd-sourced app that puts its power in the hands of its users.

“The people in Mississippi would mark the location of the stores as either a gun free zone, or firearm friendly,” said founder John Peden who is from Utah.

By using location services, it pulls up the businesses around that user and allows them to let other users know where they can open-carry.

One might wonder what the demand for such an app would be, but Peden told News Mississippi that is currently has 33,000 total downloads.

Mississippi is set for its open-carry law to start in July 1, letting anyone carry a firearm on their hip (or in the open) in public and in private places where there is no sign forbidding it.

The usual places where one might think a gun isn’t allowed are still the same such as churches, schools, and courthouses.


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