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Thursday weather rundown 4-27-17

After a night of heavy storms draped across the state, things are clear and a little cool this morning: look for a breezy, humid tho comfortable Thursday ahead of you.

North Mississippi waking up with temperatures in the lower 60s right now, with a few scattered clouds and plenty of sunshine expected today. Your high only reaching the mid 70s, with a low tonight dropping to the mid 50s. Tomorrow back to that heat: your high bouncing back into the mid 80s, with a weekend closer to 90.

Central Mississippi you’re in the lower 60s right now: a cloudy morning marking your early Thursday, but look for things to clear up some later. Your high reaching the upper 70s with lots of sunshine this afternoon. Your high tomorrow, tho, pushing into the upper 80s.

South Mississippi shrugging those storms off this morning: your temperatures in the mid 70s right now, and expected to climb to the upper 80s today as things clear up and sunshine returns for this afternoon.

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