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Tips to Keep the House and the Wallet Cozy During Cold Weather

JACKSON, Miss– News Mississippi spoke with Entergy about how to heat your home and still save money. There are some tips you’ve heard, and some you haven’t. 

When it comes to cold weather, Mississippians are firing up the fire place and cranking down the heat. But the cold has it’s own cost.

“For every degree over 68, it’s costing more to warm your home,” says Mara Hartmann with Entergy.

After that, it’s important to walk through and feel for any cold air coming in. Sealing those holes in windows and doors will keep the costs down during the winter and summer as well, says Hartmann.

But there’s one tip some may not have known.

“You can wrap your hot water heater,” says Hartmann.

There’s a special blanket for it at the hardware store. It’s insulated, and you can wrap that around the hot water heater, hold it in place with sealant or duct tape, and that will help keep costs down as well.

As far as space heaters go, Hartmann says to grab a newer model with a safety feature that makes it shut off if it’s been knocked over.

Here’s what all Hartmann says about saving money when it’s cold:

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