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Tips to save on electricity bill this summer

JACKSON, Mississippi-  While summer temperatures are reaching sweltering levels outside, you can stay one step ahead of their effect on your energy bill by implementing some simple and efficient solutions inside your home or business, according to Entergy Mississippi. 

Officials with the power company said Tuesday that dangerously high temperatures can impact comfort, health, and finances.

“Triple-digit temperatures are affecting most Mississippians, and while the first reaction is to crank down the A/C, remember that heating and cooling costs make up more than half of your monthly energy bill,” said Robbin Jeter, Entergy Mississippi vice president of customer service. “By taking energy-efficient measures now, your air conditioner will run less and that, in turn, will help keep your bill down as the summer heat continues.”

Entergy recommended the following ways to save on your electricity bill during the summer:

*         Get your A/C inspected. Inspectors can make sure your system is leak-free and operating as efficiently as possible.
*         Set your thermostat at 78 degrees or the highest comfortable temperature. Every degree lower than 78 can raise your bill as much as 3 percent. So if you crank down the A/C to a cooler 72                  degrees, you’ve already increased your bill by 18 percent.
*         Buy a programmable thermostat. As energy usage rises, costs also rise. If you spend most of your day outside of the house, set your thermostat to automatically shut off or raise the A/C                      setting when you’re away.
*         Use fans to cool off, but remember – fans cool people, not rooms. Ceiling fans, box fans and oscillating fans use very little electricity and circulate the air, which helps you feel several degrees              cooler. Just remember to turn them off when you leave the room.
*         Close blinds, shades and curtains to keep the sun out and the cool air in. Also, close air conditioning vents in rooms that are not in use.
*         Seal cracks and holes around doors, windows and duct work. Weather stripping and caulk will help keep the cold air inside the house and the hot air outdoors.


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