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Tips from a Scout Master: How to Dress for Cold Weather

JACKSON, Miss. — When it is cold outside, throwing on a bunch of sweaters may keep you warm, but it may not be the most efficient way to stay warm if you plan on staying outside for a long period of time or plan on doing cold weather camping. Allen Randall is scoutmaster for Boy Scout Troop 300 in Brandon; he says dressing efficiently for cold weather is all about staying dry and how you layer your clothing.

“Loose and layered clothing, cotton is bad, wool is better, synthetics are the best – is what I usually tell them,” said Randall.

For the first layer of clothing, wear something made out of a synthetic fabric that does not retain water and will dry quickly.


For the second layer, wear a fleece jacket, a wool sweater, or something similar and loose fitting for insulation.


For the outer layer, wear a warm heavy jacket, preferably something waterproof. The waterproof layer will help you cut down on moisture and will help keep your other layers insulated.


“What I tell the guys is, if you start to get warm or sweat, take off your outer layer first, quickly. Pack that layer and hold that one so when it starts cooling off you can put that layer back on.”

It also helps to swap out your inner most layer for a drier one throughout the day and to change your socks.

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