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Sweet Video: Toddler gives thanks to his trash guys

There are a lot of thankless jobs out there – and being the trash guy is certainly one of them. But this little guy loves seeing his crew from Waste Management every Monday and Thursday. Cason is almost 2-years-old, and stays with his Grandmother in Pearl, Mississippi during the day.

This past summer, when the days are really hot, they started giving the trash crew sports drinks. It became a ritual and the driver always gets out of the truck, gives Cason a fist bump and calls him “little partner”. Cason is so serious about this, when Grandma forgot to stock up one week – he pitched a fit! So now she makes sure there are always sports drinks for their trash crew – and even the neighbors get in on the act, donating drinks to the cause.

Definitely one of the “Good Things” in Mississippi!

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