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Trump looks ahead to November during rally

Photo by News Mississippi

With the Landers Center in Southaven filled to the brim, President Trump hosted a ‘Make America Great Again’ rally with a heavy emphasis on the importance of the upcoming midterm elections in November. 

President Trump touted the success of the economy, the recent trade deal with Canada & Mexico, the impact of tax cuts for American families, and the progression of talks with North Korea. With the Republican majority at stake in the House and Senate, Trump voiced concern over what would happen if that majority disappears. 

“Five weeks from today, all of this extraordinary progress is at stake,” the President said. “I’m not on the ballot, but in a certain way, I am on the ballot, so please go out and vote. On November 6th, you’ll head to the polls in one of the most important congressional elections of our lifetime. The only reason to vote Democrat is if you are tired of winning.”

Photo by News Mississippi

Trump told the crowd to act as if he’s on the ballot and to get out and vote. While Trump isn’t on the ballot, Senators Cindy Hyde-Smith and Roger Wicker will be. Trump spoke highly of both as they fight to keep their seats in Washington. The President singled out Wicker first, stating that he’s a “warrior” that has always had the President’s back. Wicker faces Democratic challenger David Baria in the election. 

Trump then brought Hyde-Smith to the podium. Trump endorsed the newly appointed Senator in August, and tonight, he praised her backing of his agenda. Hyde-Smith thanked Governor Bryant for the opportunity and told the President that she wants to work alongside him to ensure his vision is pushed. 

“Every time I walk onto the Senate floor, I want to help President Donald J. Trump,” Hyde-Smith said.

Photo by News Mississippi

Trump described his appreciation of Hyde-Smith’s voting record since she arrived in Washington, and said that a vote for her in November is a vote for him. Hyde-Smith faces state Senator Chris McDaniel (R), former congressman Mike Espy (D) and Navy veteran Tobey Bartee (D) in the election.

During the rally, Trump recalled a conversation he had with Governor Bryant about a potential replacement following Thad Cochran’s retirement earlier this year. 

“I said Phil, who’s the best?’ And he had no doubt in his mind. Since then, Cindy has voted with me 100% of the time,” Trump said. “She has always had my back, she has always had your back. A vote for Cindy is a vote more me, and to make America great again.”

Hyde-Smith ended her remarks by saying that they must get back to D.C. because they’ve “got a Supreme Court Justice to get confirmed” as the crowd erupted. Trump spent a large portion of the rally speaking on the recent developments surrounding the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The FBI is now investigating the allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh from 1982, and Trump condemned the coverage surrounding the allegations.

“Guilty until proven innocent. That’s very dangerous for our country,” Trump said. “I have it all the time, but for me, it’s part of the job description.”

Toward the end of the rally, Trump turned his attention back to the economic impact of recent policies, including tariffs placed on foreign products. Trump discussed the billions of dollars worth of tariffs and how the market has rebounded amid recent trade discussions. He also stated that since his election, China’s markets are down 30% while America’s are up by 55%. 

As for the future, Trump continued to discuss the importance of the Republican majority as a replacement for Obamacare hangs in the balance along with the continuation of tax cuts and the administration’s focus on border security. He stated that funding for the wall will only come with more Republican votes. 

While Trump won’t be on the ballot on November 6th, he looked ahead toward 2020 and as he referenced the size of the crowd, he seemingly felt good about the outlook. 

“Who the hell is going to beat us,” Trump exclaimed. 

Wrapping things up, Trump told the crowd that it’s up to them to decide what path the country takes as November approaches. 

“It’s time to choose whether we turn back to the failure and frustrations of the past, or whether we continue forward into the unlimited promise of our future,” he said. “The future in your hands, just as it was in 2016.”

As if it would end any other way, Trump’s final statement before saying “get out and vote” was “we will make America Great Again.”

You can watch the President’s full speech here – News Mississippi Facebook

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