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Trump’s Scion Hotel set for heart of the Delta

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Set for Cleveland Mississippi, the Scion hotel is coming to town as the first one run and operated by the Trump organization. 

The four-star hotel will offer guests full service, several restaurants, meeting rooms, a spa, a few bars, outdoor facilities for events and festivals. The entire en devour will cost around $20 million.

“We are going all out,” said Suresh Chawla with the hotel. “We are building a  resort in dad-gum Cleveland Mississippi.”

The hotel will run in the $175 to $185 a night.

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Chawla said everything is on schedule to get the hotel open and running and the Scion brand is planned to hit nationwide.

“The word Scion means ‘descendant of a great family or a great person’ and I guess that’s dedicated toward their father, and we like it because we came from a great father who build a ‘hotel empire’ in the Mississippi Delta.”

Chawla’s father, Dr. V.K. Chawla, was born in 1938 during a time of war between India and Pakistan. He spent his days of youth growing up in a refugee camp in India before he and his wife were able to leave and come to America in 1977. 12 years later he opened his first hotel with some help by the now President of the United States. He has since passed in 2015.

The vision started after Suresh met Donald Trump Jr. during his Trump’s run for the presidency and told him his fathers story of opening his first hotel an the advice he was given. Nearly six months later Trump Jr. remembered that conversation as he was thinking through selections for franchisees for the Scion hotels.

“From that, three months later we are the first franchisees for a Scion hotel in Cleveland Mississippi and three American Idea hotels in the Mississippi Delta,” said Chawla.

The Scion is already under construction and is set to open in the Spring of 2018. The three American Idea hotels are being created out of existing hotels that will be renovated and opened in the spring and summer of 2018.

“We are going to have a tremendous and unique product in those three hotels. It’ll be a lot of local flavor,” said Chawla.

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