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Two Years for Insurance Fraud After Man Jacks Up Claims

D’IBERVILLE, Miss.–It’s two years in the pen for 35-year-old James Eric Reed after he pleaded guilty this week in two scams. Attorney Gen. Jim Hood said Reed tried to squeeze more money out of Nationwide Insurance Company that he deserved-more than $6,000 worth.

Hood said Reed was in two wrecks in 2011. In the first one he was rear-ended in D’Ibervile, then got treatment at the local hospital. Reed altered the bills and added treatment he did not get, then FAXed the claim back to the insurance company.

In the second wreck, Hood said Reed actually submitted bills from another patient as his own, defrauding both Nationwide and Biloxi Regional Medical Center.

As part of his deal, Reed has to pay back the $6,400 he got out of the insurance company, plus $2,200 for the investigation, a $1,000 fine and $300 to the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund.

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