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U.S. Speaker Boehner Steps Down, Mississippi Lawmakers React

WASHINGTON, D.C.– U.S. Speaker of the House Republican John Boehner steps down from his position effective in October. Now your state lawmakers are reacting to his announcement.

“I commend Speaker Boehner on his lifetime of public service.  He has served the people of Ohio honorably, and I believe he truly wants what is best for the American people.  I have nothing but respect for him and the decision he made today,” says Congressman Steven Palazzo.

Chris McDaniel also adds this remark for Speaker Boehner, “I thank Speaker Boehner for his service,” says McDaniel.

But McDaniel and Palazzo both see this as an opportunity for the Republican party to reunite and get things done in D.C.

“Moving forward, I believe this is an opportunity to unite the Republican Party once again so we can be effective in our fight to stop this president and his bad policies,” says Palazzo, “The American people voted for a Republican majority in Congress.  They want to see their conservative voices represented in Washington, DC.”

McDaniel says that Boehner’s resign comes at a time of battle for the GOP party:

“Speaker Boehner has become a casualty of an unnecessary fight the GOP is having with it’s own base. Republicans took control of the House and Senate with the help of conservatives based on promises to fight ObamaCare and illegal executive actions,” says McDaniel, “But the leadership under Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell have capitulated time after time. They have taken steps to hand the leverage they have over to Democrats and the President, and have reduced the role of Congress to that of an overpaid rubber-stamp committee.”

McDaniel also warns that the Republican Party needs to be careful moving forward:

“..This should be a lesson to establishment DC Republicans that Conservatives simply will not stand by silently and support weak and ineffective leadership. We want fighters who stand by the rule of law and reject the insiders game in Washington, D.C.  The GOP must once again become a party of principle, and Conservatives plan to make it so.”

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