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Unwanted calls end with PSC no-call app

Photo courtesy of Telesouth Communications Inc.

Receiving unwanted phone calls can be a nuisance, and may even lead to identity theft, but Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley says the best way to ensure they don’t call is to register on the no-call list. While people only need to register on their no-call list once, the PSC does encourage people to register on the national list as well. However, if the calls keep coming, there are additional ways to keep from receiving the nuisance calls.

“We created a smartphone app that is completely free,” Presley said. “We spent $42,000 of the taxpayers’ money, but that allows us to put it on the over 1.5 million cell phones in the state so, not a bad investment.”

Presley added that anyone who downloads the app can report an unwanted call to the PSC in about 10 seconds. 

While the PSC handles unwanted calls, there are many other facets of their department as well. The PSC regulates companies in the state that do not have any competition and works diligently at consumer protection.

“We regulate what we call ‘quality of service’,” Presley said. “Is that consumer being treated fairly? Are they getting the quality of service that they are paying for? Telephone do not call lists, you name it we inspect pipeline safety all that sort of stuff, so we have a broad umbrella of consumer protection.”

Presley added that the PSC works to cut through the red tape so the taxpayers don’t have to.

“We are trying to cut through the tape for you and handle it, just bring the problem to us,” Presley said. “If we can’t fix it if it’s an issue that is relating to phone service, electricity, gas, all of the things that we regulate over at the commission, or consumer protection.  If we can’t help you we will get you to the place that can help you, but we will try to cut through that red tape for you.

To register a phone on the no-call list click here. To find the no-call app, search MS no-call in either the Apple iTunes or the Google Play store.

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