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Vicksburg Plane Crash Was on the Roof of Cooper Lighting

PHOTO (public domain) KitFox 2, like the one that crashed

VICKSBURG, Miss.–It may have been the only choice and today pilot Joh Michael Nassour and student pilot Robert Hamilton are both alive after their small “amateur built” aircraft crash landed on the roof of Cooper Lighting, a business in Vicksburg, Friday afternoon.

NewsChannel 12 spoke with Vicksburg’s fire chief Saturday, as the plane was being removed from the roof and taken to the Vicksburg municipal airport.

“It was the very best call they could have made at that situation, ain’t no doubt about it being an experienced instructor he did a wonderful job and getting that plane and trainer to get it on to where it was,” Chief Charles Atkins told the TV station.

He said the pilot looked at the nearby highway, but saw there were too many cars, so they jumped the power lines and ended up on the roof.

It was an FAA document that described the KitFox 2 as “amateur built”. Nassour got cuts on his face and Hamilton had to go to the hospital for a back injury.

The plane may have had engine trouble before it was forced to land.

The Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating.

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