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VIDEO: Jimmy Fallon Pokes Fun at Sen. Roger Wicker’s Climate Change Vote

JACKSON, Miss.- Is climate change real or a hoax? The U.S. Senate voted that climate change was indeed real and not a hoax Wednesday, with a 98-1 vote.

The one opposing vote was Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker.

His lone vote did not go unnoticed. Late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon’s monologue pokes fun at the Senator, saying Wicker “zigs” when everyone else “zags.”

Fallon then goes on to say other things Senator Roger Wicker may also stand for like, “There’s nothing better than getting into an empty elevator with a co-worker you don’t really know.” And, “TGIM, am I right? Love me some Monday!” And finally, “Ever feel like you’re gonna sneeze but it doesn’t happen? LOVE that!”


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