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VIDEO On Demand: 2 Bodies Found in Jackson, Mother Confesses to Killing Her Son, and Kids Crash Vehicle into Barn

Jackson Police found Jessica Hewitt today, who’s been missing since Monday, they found her abandoned car in Flowood yesterday. They thought they had something this morning.They found a body off of High street in Jackson, but the police are saying it’s not Jessica. This body was a man, and he was found in a shed, lying under a blanket, like he had been asleep. So the search for Jessica Hewitt continues.
Police say Keanna Denise King admitted to drowning her 4-year-old son yesterday when they brought her in. It happened last month at Western Gardens in Meridian. Police did not know it was her until they got tipped off, but now she’s charged with capital murder and child abuse. No bail.
The Hattiesburg City Council interviewing their latest candidate for Police Chief. They spent an hour behind closed doors grilling Anthony Parker today and they said that it went well, but they decided they needed a few weeks to mull it over, so voting was deferred until July 6th and 7th. Parker is the fourth candidate to interview for the job. Right now he’s the police chief of Crystal Springs.
They’re stopping some the shrimping in Mississippi. The state’s Department of Marine Resources says it’s temporarily closing waters north of the Intracoastal Waterway and they will remain closed until the shrimp count has reached the legal requirement of 68 per pound. But not to worry, all other Mississippi waters will remain open.
Stealing a car, speeding down country back roads. No suprise that it ends badly, but it was a big surprise when a man found a car crashed through his barn this morning in Guntown. Three teens stole the car and took it out for a ride, but didn’t realize the road ended just short of the barn door. Now the names won’t be released because they’re underage, but all three of them in the Lee County Detention Center.

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