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VIDEO On Demand: Man Brings Shotgun into Walmart, Murder in Hit-and-Run, and Alienation of Affection

When you’re shopping at your local Walmart, you never expect any real danger. Anyone shopping at the Walmart on highway 49 in Gulfport last night got a little bit of a scare. People are saying that a man loaded a shotgun and cocked it in the store. They evacuated it, and he got away before cops could get there. They did a full sweep of the building, no shots were fired and no one was hurt. But did he actually commit a crime? Turns out he did not. Because of the open-carry law in Mississippi that allows you to carry a gun in public without a permit.

Police are looking for a white, 4-door Nissan Titan pickup truck in the Pike County area, after Justin Lander was killed over the weekend in a hit-and-run. He was 33. He was standing on the shoulder of Highway 98 as his mother was picking him up. She says that the truck threw him into the road, and then ran him over, and kept going. But the accident is still being investigated.

40 charges up against Doctor Sanjay Sinha for being involved in a pill mill that ran through several casinos down on the coast. It happened across a span of 4 years that ended in 2012. 40 of them, ranging from possesion to conspiracy to distribute. 39 of the 40 were dropped. The only charge left, he plead guilty to today. He’s looking at as many as five years, we’ll know in September when he’s sentenced.

In Jones County, Darlene Keys changed her plea to guilty this morning, admits to killing her 32-year-old daughter, after she’d been in jail since May of last year. She said in court that an argument with her daughter turned violent and that wasn’t the first time that had happened. She couldn’t take it anymore. She shot her twice with a 45-caliber pistol. She was sentenced to 20 years with 11 suspended.

And ladies, you can actually sue another woman for stealing your man… it’s called alienation of affection, and in Mississippi you might collect something from that lawsuit. Pro-golfer John Daly may have to pay up if the DeSoto County court sides with his ex-wife Sherri Miller. She says Daly and his new fiancee Ana Cladakis starting hooking up when Miller and Daly were still married in 2007. State law says Miller may have a winning argument if Daly and Cladakis started their romance in Mississippi. Cladakis wanted the lawsuit thrown out but the Supreme Court says they’re going to follow through with the case.


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