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VIDEO ON DEMAND: News Mississippi Exclusive with Robert Gray on Initiative 42 and Debating the Governor

JACKSON, MISS– News Mississippi sat down with democratic candidate for governor and truck driver Robert Gray to discuss what he will do if he is elected. 

When Robert Gray was named the democratic candidate for governor, the entire state was asking one thing:

“Who in the world is Robert Gray?”

Gray says that question has actually helped that campaign.

“It exploded, you know, for good publicity for my campaign,” says Gray. When the unknown truck driver who didn’t vote won the Mississippi democratic nomination, national and local media dove into learning about him.

Now, just two weeks away from voting day, Gray says he’s ready to make big changes for Mississippi. First off all, he says, Initiative 42 needs to pass.

“We just need to get money into those school systems, get them what they need,” says Gray, “every penny of it is going to be multiplied back into business and people in that area.”

Gray says that the worry over taking the power of the legislature and giving it to a Hinds County judge is just to throw off the momentum of the Initiative 42 supporters.

“It’s a scare tactic by the Republican party,” says Gray, “we want funding for all schools too, not just in Hinds County.”

Gray has said before that he would be glad to debate Governor Phil Bryant before the two face-off on election day, and that he’s even gone as far as to try to schedule something through Millsaps College. Gray says that request was denied, and he knows why.

“I see the Governor understands, what he has been doing the past few year, what he’s been doing, he’s been doing wrong,” says Gray, “you can’t debate when you know you’re wrong, and I’m not going to waste my time on someone who knows he wrong.”

Here’s the full interview with Robert Gray:


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