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Violence in Venezuela, the Ukraine, Africa: How It’s Hitting Your Wallet in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss.–You may not think what’s happening in Venezuela, Sudan or the Ukraine can affect you in Mississippi, but it’s happening in a big way. It’s what you pay for gas. In other words, that $3.16 you’re paying on average today has a lot to do with bullets flying in other countries.

“It’s made the oil markets very nervous,” said oil expert Trilby Lundberg. “Oil prices have jumped and this has brought wholesale gasoline, and now retail, up with them.”

Lundberg runs the Lundberg Survey, which measures gas prices in the U.S. and what makes them rise or fall.

This weekend was the only time lately that gas prices did not go up significantly in Mississippi.

“We have a 12 cent hike in the price of gasoline on average in the past two weeks. The new price on average is $3.41.” She was talking about the national average.

Mississippi’s average is lagging behind the national average, but you’re not paying near the bottom.

“We have the high average in San Diego at $3.82 for regular, and the low average is Billings, Montana, at $3.08.”

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