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The Vote to Defund Obama Care: Mississippian Taking Charge

WASHINGTON, D.C.–If some lawmakers in the U.S. House are successful, they’ll send a bill to the Senate that funds the federal government, but would not include money to run the Affordable Care Act. In Mississippi’s delegation, it’s Congressman Steven Palazzo, who represents south Miss. and the coast, that’s leading the charge to make that bill happen.

“It would rip the heart out of Obama Care because I believe it’s unconstitutional to force Americans to spend their hard-earned money on something they do not want and the government says they need,” he said in an interview on the Gallo Radio Show Thursday.

One problem Palazzo and his group may run into is that in their attempt to “defund” ObamaCare they could cause a shutdown of the federal government. That’s if some Republicans and many Democrats do not agree and a compromise cannot be reached in time.

“We’re not advocating a shutdown, we’re not even talking about a shutdown. That’s the Democrats. That’s the president. The only thing we’re looking to shut down is a very bad law.”

Palazzo said his hope is that they pass a concurrent resolution that does not fund ObamaCare and send it to the Senate.

“Cause Harry Reid has not allowed them to vote on any hard bills for over two years, so I’m definitely looking forward to see how they react,” he said.

Reis has already said what his reaction would be, even though he cannot speak for every vote in the Senate.

“I want to be crystal clear that any bill that would defund ObamaCare will be dead, dead.”

Mississippi’s lone Democrat in Congress, Bennie Thompson, is an ObamaCare supporter, while Congressman Nunnelee did not committ to a yes vote on the resolution Palazzo talked about.

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