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VP candidates debate, Mississippians, Governor react

JACKSON, MISS– The two vice-presidential hopefuls debated Tuesday night on issues regarding foreign policy, domestic terrorism, and the scandals that have surrounded both Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Republican vice-president hopeful, Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Clinton’s running mate Senator Tim Kaine took to the podium in debate, moderated by Elaine Quijano, anchor and correspondent for CBS news.

Governor Phil Bryant responded to the debate and commended Pence on his performance.

“I have gotten to know Mike Pence well through the Republican Governors Association,” said Governor Bryant. “He is a decent and honorable man who loves his family and his country. As governor of Indiana, he relied on those values to balance the budget, cut taxes, expand school choice and attract new jobs and investment. Those are the same values that will guide him when he is vice president.”

On Kaine, the governor stated: “Tonight’s debate is the latest illustration that Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine represent a continuation of the Obama Administration’s failed policies. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are the team that can, and will, make America great again.”

Mississippians reacted to the debate via Twitter, responding to questions that were discussed as well as expressing hope—or the lack thereof– in the candidates.


As predicted by Dr. Bart Rossi, a political psychologist and contributor for CBS, the focus turned to defending the presidential candidates, not so much building their own name for the American people.

“I think it becomes a lot more interesting with what has happened in the last two days,” said Dr. Rossi. “With Donald Trump not paying taxes and losing $6 billion dollars and not paying taxes.”

When viewing the overall performance of the candidates, Mississippi State political science instructor Dr. Marty Wiseman said content did not necessarily win this debate.

“A lot of the bullets he (Kaine) had in his gun were accurate,” said Wiseman. “but I think Pence scored by virtue of his own demeanor.”

Donald Trump’s tax return was brought up several times by Kaine, who suggested that Trump had not supported the American troops, and was in business cahoots with the Russians.

“Americans need to be concerned if Trump is worried about their bottom line or his own,” Kaine said. “But Hillary can deal with Russia in ways Trump cannot.”

The senator added that there is also unknowns about the purpose of the Trump Foundation without his tax returns being released to the public.

Pence took the email scandal to task in the debate, and pointed out how there was no prosecution.

“If our sons handled confidential information like Hillary Clinton,” said Pence, speaking of the sons of both candidates who are serving as Marines. “They’d be court-martialed and you know it.”

Immigration was another hot-button issue for the evening, with the focus turned towards deportation.

“Preventing domestic terrorism… begins with immigration reform,” said Pence. “We are committed to suspending Syrian refugee support.”

Kaine stated that Trump wants a “deportation nation”, while he and Clinton would focus on bipartisan immigration reform.

The candidates for vice-president will not debate again. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will debate again Sunday, Oct. 9th.

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