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Watching Out For Motorcyclists, As Important As Motorcycle Safety

STRICKLAND, Miss. – Wrecking a motorcycle can be less forgiving than wrecking a car.
It was a bad motorcycle wreck on Highway 12 Saturday in Strickland that killed father and son, John and Kobe Bryant. Twyla Jennings, Division Director at the Mississippi Office of Highway Safety, says although some situations are unavoidable, she suggests that all motorcyclists take a safety training class before getting on out a motorcycle.

“There are several around Mississippi, and they will take you through the whole training. It gives you all the safety tips, what to do, what not to do, how not to over correct. A lot of times it is instinct to jerk,” said Jennings.

She says motorcyclist who have not had proper training can often over correct when they have to react quickly in situations where they are about to run off the road or hit something. This can cause the motorcycle to slide and even flip.

“A lot of times it is not about motorcycle safety, it’s about watching out for motorcyclists. When you are looking to change lanes, when you are looking to pull out, look a second time. A lot of times motorcyclists aren’t as easy to see a vehicles, and a lot of times people’s minds are trained to see vehicles. They aren’t looking for that person on that motorcycle.”

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