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Weather Proofing your Home for Winter


Winter is coming and you want to make sure you’re ready. It is important to make sure your home is ready too. There are some easy and cost effective ways to winter proof your house before the chill rolls in.

Handy man Buddy Slowik says it is important to make sure all outdoor water spigots are covered with a Styrofoam cover which you can get at any hardware store, or home center. Also make sure all of your doors have proper weather stripping.

“How you check that is close your exterior doors and when you’re looking at them check if you can see outside anywhere. If you can that pretty much means you need to replace the weather stripping,” said Slowik. He says that is where a lot of cold air can come through.

Make sure your windows are closed tight and lock. You may want to look into caulking. Acrylic latex caulking is your best bet and easiest to do yourself. Make sure the windows are done well on the inside and outside. Caulk comes in many colors but can also be painted to match.

Slowik said that a great idea is pop in shudders. They are made out of rigid Styrofoam insulation that you can purchase at any home center. You measure your windows and cut a piece of the Styrofoam and then stuff that into the window usually at night and they will work well at insulating your home.

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