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Wednesday is the Court Day for J. Everett Dutschke in Second Ricin Case

TUPELO, Miss.–In a strange twist to the ricin tale that has come out in only the past few weeks, it looks like J. Everett Dutschke may have actually tried a second time to frame Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis, actually trying to arrange for more ricin to be sent to Sen. Roger Wicker while he was already in jail, accused of sending the first batch.

That’s what a new federal indictment says and that’s why he is set for a Wednesday appearance in federal court.

Dutschke was arrested this spring after the release of his rival, Curtis, who was the first person charged with sending ricin-laced letters to Sen. Wicker, Pres. Obama and Judge Sadie Holland.

Curtis and Dutschke could both be described as “colorful” characters. Curtis was a well-known, award-winning Elvis impersonator, while Dutschke ran a martial arts studio and has also been accused of child molestation.

Curtis was cleared entirely, but Dutschke remains in plenty of legal hot water, fighting the fondling charge, and now two cases of sending an extremely dangerous poison to top national figures.

The FBI said the ricin that was sent was actually of pretty poor quality. They found traces in Dutschke’s business.

This video is after the initial arrest of Kevin Curtis:


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