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Weekly Rundown: Trumps in Mississippi, Updates on Hinds County DA case, and what discovery was made in New Albany

It’s been a big week in Mississippi, so we can start from the top.

On Tuesday Donald Trump jr. went to the Neshoba county fair, where he spoke to thousands about his father’s campaign for presidency. He went on to tell the crowd how important this next presidential election would be for the present, but also the future, as the next president could be responsible for choosing 2-3 Supreme Court judges. Trump Jr shook some hands and kissed some babies and enjoyed the rest of Neshoba.

And just a few days after his appearance news Mississippi got the exclusive from Gov. Bryant himself that Donald Trump, Sr. will be returning to the magnolia state. He is scheduled to come back to the Jackson metro area on August 24. No Gov. Bryant says they don’t know exactly where the event will take place yet but they’re looking at venues like the Jackson convention center. They want to make sure everyone has a spot who would like to come. Trumps campaign will be doing a few fundraisers along with the event, maybe a private event as well, but don’t worry you’ll get your chance to see him too. News Mississippi will update with more as the details unfold.

In the capitol city the Hinds county DA is still under fire for charges claiming he gave legal counsel to criminals, something that is very much of a no no for any district attorney or attorney general. So far he’s up to six counts for those charges. And judges seem to keep bailing out on the case. 3 county judges, have said no thanks to any involvement in the court case. That’s Judges Skinner, Preister, and most recently cooper- stokes. If he’s conflicted the DA could lose his title and pay a fine.

While he’s dealing with this mess the former assistant DA in hinds count plead guilty to charges of conspiracy, accepting close to 20 thousand dollars in bribes to treat some defendants better than others. Whatever is going on, Hinds County seems like they’ve got quite a lot to deal with in the legal department.

A man was arrested on the coast for the murder of a transgender woman. Dee Whigham was found severely stabbed to death in her best western motel room in Jackson County. Police pinpointed Keesler air force base sailor 20 year old Dwayna HIckerson for the crime. They’re not ruling out that others were involved, or that this could have been a hate crime, so the investigation is still going. Several vigils were held over the week for Whigham and her family.

And to wrap things up paleontologists have discovered the tooth of a horned dino in New Albany. This is only the second skeletal remain found on this side of the Mississippi for this group of dinosaur, and the first time one was discovered in Mississippi. They’ve sent the tooth of for some testing to determine exactly what kind of horned dinosaur it is.

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