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West Nile found in Mississippi

The West Nile virus has already hit mississippi with an individual in Forrest County contracting the virus.

The health department says they have tested samples and found mosquitos throughout the state that are carriers for West Nile.

“Even if we haven’t said that there are human cases in your county,we know historically that we have identified West Nile throughout the state,” said Paul Byers, state epidemiology. “So, whether we are seeing it through mosquitos in your county, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.”

Byers says the virus is expected as it is almost mosquito season.

To help prevent spreading of the virus, Byers says that individuals should beware of standing water as it can create breeding grounds for the mosquitos.

“This type of mosquito can breed in very small collections of water, so you want to get rid of that water around your house,” said Byers. “It can be in backed up gutters or in an overturned tire, or in a kids pool in the back yard where water can collect. Anything that can hold water is a potential area where mosquitoes can breed, so you want to get rid of that and you want to wear mosquito repellant when you go outside as well”.

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