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What to Know About the Bump Stock Ban

Stephen Stamboulieh(2nd Amendment Attorney-at-law | joined the conversation to give his thoughts on the Federal Government’s Bump Stock Ban and his fight against it. He has been fighting against the ban since the very beginning, and he brings you his unique perspective on the fight for your rights. Basically, if you own a bump stock today, you can and will be prosecuted for having an unregistered machine gun with very few avenues of recourse- if you are caught in possession of a Bump Stock. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here –

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Stephen Stamboulieh suggested that you can join one of two 2nd Amendment groups that have been granted stays in the Bump Stock Ban, but you have to become a bona fide member of one of the two groups TODAY.

The two groups are Florida Carry and the Firearms Policy Coalition. You can join either group today to have the best chance of avoiding legal trouble if you own a Bump Stock.

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